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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Golden Circle: this is what it is all about! Part 1

I have just read with utter fascination Simon Sinek's book: "Start with why" and it makes so much sense!!! To EVERYTHING!
And ties in wonderfully to what I have always thought: that purpose and passion are what gets us out of bed in the morning and now I see there is clear science behind it.

Seeing we digest better in nuggets I shall write a few blogs on this:
- the Golden Circle (this blog)
- the biology behind it and how it applies to buying/selling
- The Golden Circle and Leadership

His Golden circle finds order and predictability in human behaviour. For now:what is it?

At the centre of the circle is the:
WHY: the belief, visualise this as the glowing Bulls eye
HOW is the next circle around it: How are the actions you take realising that belief
WHAT is the third circle around the 2 precedent and serves as tangible proof you are walking the talk.

Apple uses this model and people buy because they are inspired by the WHY.

I decided to apply it to what I do:
I sincerely believe we all have it in us to live a happy, fulfilled life creating value and that we owe it to ourselves and to the world to do so.
By finding our Purpose and Passion and putting it into action and by Connecting and Communicating with ourselves and with others.
KPC&C provides motivational coaching to enhance connecting and communicating with ourselves and Consultancy in the fields of writing/editing/translating/presenting and languages to optimise connection and communication with others.

Why don't you for this week give it a try. Take your purpose, your life goal and ask yourself those questions.
Imagine you are selling it, we usually start with what we are doing but it is so much more inspiring and effective to start with WHY...

More on this next week....
Lets make it happen....

Monday, 3 October 2016

Human Touch still at the Heart of Business

I was privileged recently in being invited to a company outing organised by  www.businesscontroller.nu in partnership with www.wens.finance. 

My claim to fame, being a long-time acquaintance of Paul Kramer and having edited the English version of their acclaimed online financial ability tests.

The outing consisted in sailing the famous Skûtsje boats in Friesland on the Gaastmeer in Sneek.

 Invited were various acquaintances, clients, prospectives from the Financial world. However, business was not on the agenda. No suits or acquisition, but sports clothes, sharing the moment and a lot of fun.

We met at Lokaal 55 in Sneek and introduced ourselves around coffee and cakes basking in the late September sun.

Florian from Uit-zeilen explained how this magnificent 20 m flat bottom sailing boat (Skûtsje ) was manned and the security rules.

And off we set under skipper Florian’s capable guidance for 2 hours of utter bliss, good but not over-powering wind, bright sun, vivid blue sky, stunning Dutch water landscape, and active sailing (perhaps even sportier at times than some were comfortable with!). Florian actually sails the boat in competitions with a crew of 12-16.

What I found particularly invigorating was the coming together through activity, all hands on deck, in different constellations, bonding and laughing (some at my expense as I managed to rip the seat of my jeans within 2 minutes…).

The event was also exquisitely organised, freshly cooked Bitterballen bounced on board the moment we were moored.

Sun-flushed and wind-blown we gathered around a drink and a delicious, very refined Barbeque, well proud of our exertions as the sun set enhancing the great décor inside lokaal 55.I cannot vouch for the meat but the fish and shrimp delicately steamed “en papillotes” was divine, as were the salads.

Interesting to think this group of fun relaxed people are usually quite serious, suit -clad CFOs…

What impressed me the most, was the fact that in these highly digitalised days, the concept of such an outing is still seen as important and valuable to make time for, both from the organisers and the participants point of view.

Wonderful to feel the human touch still rules, holding true the adage that “we do business with people we like”.

Onwards and upwards.                                                               

More information on Uit-zeilen events at www.uit-zeilen.nl


Monday, 26 September 2016

Turn the sound down or play it backward

There is an expression in French: "Tu ne vas pas en faire un film!" meaning when something has happened, that one should not make a "whole film" a whole brouhaha about it.
Yet that IS what most of us do. And so do I. When something happens we find annoying or hurtful or frustrating we go over it again and again and create a film with "and I will say that"and then this will ensue and this time I will answer...etc etc
The more we do that, the more we climb our high horse of self-righteousness or cower down wallowing in self pity, or shoot off all guns blazing... the more vivid we make the film. Adding action, making the picture more vivid, more colourful, louder till we almost wish we were there to enjoy this master piece... Yet after a while...what might have felt good as vent to emotions becomes a very impactful film which does not go away, no pause button at night and it turns into a torment...

So now is time to take action and using NLP, adapt the modalities...

Does your film lose impact if it is black and white? What if you turn the volume down or even off ?
Maybe instead of broadcasting the film in our mind on a large panoramic screen, we scrunch it down to a barely visible square on the periphery of our vision.
You could even make it funny and play it fast-forward or backwards? How does that feel? It loses its impact doesn't it?
Instead of triggering immediately all our emotional buttons, we can pause and consider what we are seeing and choose our reaction.
The images then return to what in effect they are, purely self made images, with as much meaning and impact as we choose to give them, a fiction, a fantasy...

Maybe give that a try next time you have a non-empowering scenario which seems to be stuck on repeat in your mind.

We always have a choice, make it the one which empowers you.

Let's make it happen...

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Do YOU wear body lotion?

Strange question maybe coming from a coach... The question arose in a coaching session about 10 years ago which was mostly centred on overwhelm and linked in to an increased awareness of her feeling of self -esteem and self-worth and served as cataclyst for needed changes...

We then called it the "body lotion test"and I have used it a few more times since then.

Obviously it is NOT about the body lotion as self, as you may not personally use any without it reflecting on your feeling of self worth. It was in the category of not essential hygiene like a shower or brushing teeth are, yet a routine that most (women at least) carry out which involves, caring for their body, literally being in touch with it and taking those additional 5 minutes to make them feel good and set them up for the challenges and tasks of the day ...

It is about caring about yourself so you in turn can care about others. If we do not respect ourselves, why should others?
It is not about being selfish, much the contrary, it is about a  minimum effort to set ourselves up to being our personal best and being able to reach out to others from a position of plenty and peace...

So...Do YOU wear body lotion?

Monday, 29 August 2016

Gathering the fruits of the Summer

Welcome back!
Whether you have been abroad, taken a holiday, or enjoyed a quieter work period due to the Summer months, I hope you are now getting back into operational mode and looking ahead to the third Trimester of this year.
So, did you manage to pause at any point and smell the roses?
What did that bring you? Maybe before we get caught up in the rush it would be beneficial to take a few minutes and reflect on any insights, what they mean, and what needs changing.

The advantage of a break is that we take a step back and get a better view of the big picture, one we can not get when we are IN it.
My own insight was into what drains me and what drives me and where I would like my energy to go.

What do YOU find draining and what can you do about it? Maybe there are some extra activities which could be reduced? Some delegation which could be done?

On the other hand, what GIVES you energy? What gets you out of bed in the morning and can you tailor in some more?

Investing maybe one hour this week to reflect on yourself is worthwhile and will in the long run give your life more purpose and yourself more self-fulfilment.

Enjoy the journey! Let's make it happen.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Summer time: Stopping to smell the roses

For many of us, Summer is associated with holidays, maybe some Sun and travel, a break, but how many of us REALLY take a break nowadays?
We might be taking a break from a regular job and not needing to go in to the office but is it a clean break? Or do you try to think ahead to Autumn, catch up on work issues which always seemed to slip or maybe even, though on holiday, you still access the mails, read the apps and though not physically in the office are still very much thinking about work related issues?

Then again, if miraculously, you mange to cut yourself off, maybe your Summer goals are to catch up on all the other items which you feel need doing, and leave or wake with a to-do list a mile long?
I admire my coaching clients who indeed take their self reflection homework with them but even to them I say: Take a break!
Literally, no agenda.
Waking up fully in the present without deadlines and lists, ignoring that nagging voice telling us that "really you should...".
Even the most wonderful goals can become chores if we don't every now and then step back.

No agenda means seizing the day as it comes, in whatever shape that may be. Once not told where to go, our mind can be wonderfully revealing of the little things, little pleasures that actually show us what matters most.

Stepping back provides a better view of the big picture. How can you see something if your nose is in it? Sometimes those tasks we are trying so assiduously to commit to are not actually taking us where we want to go. When we step back, we think more clearly and may access insights of a far more creative solution our brain missed as it was focusing on what had already been set.
More and more companies are noticing the downside of having employees 24/7 electronically available as they are becoming less creative.

Even the things we think are meaningful as in cooking for loved ones can detract from what really matters. I remember my Mother lovingly spending hours in the kitchen to show her love to her family, whereas most of us would have just preferred she sit down and spend time with us and a baguette and cheese would taste extra delicious if we were spending quality time together.

This Summer just BE instead of relentless DOING.
Notice things, the little things and notice people with genuine curiosity and desire to connect and share.

Let alone the pleasure of accessing moments of genuine happiness, that state so many aspire to without realising it can only ever be accessed in the present, it will give you clarity of mind and vision and you will probably achieve more of the things which will make a difference, and in a more efficient way as a bonus.

Wishing you a wonderful Summer, a summer of being present and fully inhaling the heady fragrance of roses...

Friday, 17 June 2016

Dealing with the negative chatterbox

We don't always control what happens to us but we can always choose how to interpret it.

Are you aware of what you say to yourself? "I cant do it, I will never manage, I am not good enough, I messed up again"....
Why do we do this?
Mostly through self protection to avoid being disappointed or hurt...but is that a way to live? Never knowing how rich our life could have been or how purposeful we are? Living in fear...

The first step is to be aware of what we are saying to ourselves...listen out to what you are saying to yourself. Negative words make us weak and positive words make us strong, as simple as that.
Sure most of us are totally professional at the put-down talk and it takes a lot of practice to re-frame in a positive way. But you will be surprised how fast it can go with some practice. It is like staying fit: you have to work out.
Are you your own best friend? Encouraging yourself gently to step outside your comfort zone?

"Security is not having things, but handling them".

So what can you do once you hear the negative voice. First do not fear or avoid but acknowledge it as a a kind friend who wants to protect you. Acknowledge it and thank it for caring for you. This does not mean the voice is right, its intent usually is.'

"Thank you for pointing out I may get hurt. It is a possibility but I am stronger now and I trust I have it in me to make this work, and owe it to myself to try".. that sort of thing.

For those of you interested in giving it a try AFFIRMATIONS are a good way to practice out-talking our negativity.
An affirmation has to be:
- in the Present (not "I will" but "I am")
- Positive (not "I will stop bingeing" but "I am in control")
- Personal : I

For example"Everyday I am getting stronger".The more often you repeat it the more you will believe it. Saying it out loud in front of the mirror with a smile on your face works wonders too....though one may feel totally ridiculous at first but hey, if you don't try, you will never know....

Next post I would like to explore the "higher self" and what she/he can say to the chatterbox,,,

Actually on a personal point, as I was jogging yesterday I realised I actually have three little gnomes in me:
- the positive: Yes I can
- the negative: you are not good enough
- the neutral: both of you shut up and just let me BE

How about you???